[][src]Struct hacspec_provider::Payload

pub struct Payload<'msg, 'aad> {
    pub msg: &'msg [u8],
    pub aad: &'aad [u8],

AEAD payloads are a combination of a message (plaintext or ciphertext) and "additional associated data" (AAD) to be authenticated (in cleartext) along with the message.

If you don't care about AAD, you can pass a &[u8] as the payload to encrypt/decrypt and it will automatically be coerced to this type.


msg: &'msg [u8]

Message to be encrypted/decrypted

aad: &'aad [u8]

Optional "additional associated data" to authenticate along with this message. If AAD is provided at the time the message is encrypted, the same AAD MUST be provided at the time the message is decrypted, or decryption will fail.

Trait Implementations

impl<'msg, 'aad> From<&'msg [u8]> for Payload<'msg, 'aad>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'msg, 'aad> RefUnwindSafe for Payload<'msg, 'aad>

impl<'msg, 'aad> Send for Payload<'msg, 'aad>

impl<'msg, 'aad> Sync for Payload<'msg, 'aad>

impl<'msg, 'aad> Unpin for Payload<'msg, 'aad>

impl<'msg, 'aad> UnwindSafe for Payload<'msg, 'aad>

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