[][src]Struct hacspec_provider::Chacha20Poly1305

pub struct Chacha20Poly1305 { /* fields omitted */ }

Trait Implementations

impl AeadCore for Chacha20Poly1305[src]

type NonceSize = U12

The length of a nonce.

type TagSize = U16

The maximum length of the nonce.

type CiphertextOverhead = U0

The upper bound amount of additional space required to support a ciphertext vs. a plaintext. Read more

impl AeadInPlace for Chacha20Poly1305[src]

impl NewAead for Chacha20Poly1305[src]

type KeySize = U32

The size of the key array required by this algorithm.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Chacha20Poly1305

impl Send for Chacha20Poly1305

impl Sync for Chacha20Poly1305

impl Unpin for Chacha20Poly1305

impl UnwindSafe for Chacha20Poly1305

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