[][src]Trait generic_array::sequence::Concat

pub unsafe trait Concat<T, M>: GenericSequence<T> where
    M: ArrayLength<T>, 
{ type Rest: GenericSequence<T, Length = M>; type Output: GenericSequence<T>; fn concat(self, rest: Self::Rest) -> Self::Output; }

Defines GenericSequences which can be joined together, forming a larger array.

Associated Types

type Rest: GenericSequence<T, Length = M>

Sequence to be concatenated with self

type Output: GenericSequence<T>

Resulting sequence formed by the concatenation.

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Required methods

fn concat(self, rest: Self::Rest) -> Self::Output

Concatenate, or join, two sequences.

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impl<T, N, M> Concat<T, M> for GenericArray<T, N> where
    N: ArrayLength<T> + Add<M>,
    M: ArrayLength<T>,
    Sum<N, M>: ArrayLength<T>, 

type Rest = GenericArray<T, M>

type Output = GenericArray<T, Sum<N, M>>

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